85 % of the incoming invoices are now treated automatically. This means more than 17.000 paper invoices per year that we don’t need to handle manually. This is huge!

Jean-Luc Mangelaire, Directeur informatique et qualité, Delta Neu

“With Microsoft Dynamics AX, our various entities now have a centralized and optimized repository of business processes. This allows us to improve efficiency and better serve our customers. “

Thomas Idelot, Information System Manager, iXBlue

“Beyond the benefits in terms of reporting and quality management, our new ERP system has enabled us to optimize all our operational processes. We have gained productivity and we have a better follow-up in the services we offer our clients.”

Jean-Luc Mangelaire, Directeur informatique et qualité, Delta Neu

“Our flow of documents is coordinated now, so there is better reporting and less chance of human error thanks to Ad Ultima.”

Benoit Strauven, CFO, van Hoorebeke

“Everyone knows what is happening, so we have more control. Our company has become transparent and disciplined thanks to Ad Ultima.”

Frank Vandeputte, CEO, Valvan Baling Systems

We can help you automate more of your departments and business processes to make your organisation more efficient. For production and distribution companies, we do this in more detail than anyone else.

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Ad Ultima has improved and automated the operations of more than 130 small and medium-sized organisations.

We specialise in production and distribution companies in the following sectors:


Software can always automate more tasks and help your employees work better. We install systems based on Microsoft Dynamics AX for:


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